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Monday, September 5, 2011

SSS Days 3 and 4

Unfortunately as the title hints I do not have a pic of my day2 outfit, but I hope to show it to you some time later! I promise!
But for now: On my third day of SSS I wore this ensemble

dress: handmade
shoes: ecco

Wore this dress to my grandpas birthday. It is dreamingly comfortable knit stuff, but it also has a very wide neckline and I was very aware of this the whole evening... But nonetheless I really like it! It was so hot on the saturday here, so no tights and no cardi was needed!

Day 4 of SSS was sunday, so just a comfy outfit 

shirt: refashioned

We did some barbecue for lunch at my family`s place and then drove home and did some study, so not really spectacular. But for this the outfit was really good, nice and comfy! 

Hope you also had a nice weekend!

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  1. oh wie wunderschön das blaue kleid ist und wie wunderschön du darin aussiehst!