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Sunday, September 11, 2011

SSS days 9, 10 and 11

My day 9 outfit:
skirt: self-stitched
shirt and cord-blazer: H&M
tights: hand me down

This skirt I made some month ago from my own pattern, unfortunately the hemline became somehow uneven, but with a bit creative wearing of the waistband (so as uneven) I am able to cover this issue.

For my day 10 this was my outfit:
dress: self-stitched

It was super hot and humid that day, maybe the last summery day we might get around here! So the outfit of my choice was this little flowy summer dress! perfect for the temperatures!

And my sunday outfit:
blouse: self-stitched sorbetto
Jeans: H&M
scarf: TCM

Today it was really rainy, but at least I got some work for my law class done. After that I did bake a cake and drafted the pattern for the circle skirt sew along! So I had a productive day!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Tschüss

Friday, September 9, 2011

SSS Days 5,6,7 & 8

Oookay, here is what I wore on my fifth day of SSS
Jeans: altered by me
shirt: self-stitched
Cardigan: self-stitched

This pants had been an old pair I never wore. So I skinnied them up so now they are kind of straight leg, what I really like. And I lenghtened them like you can see here
The day was very busy had much to work for my law school, so just a busy day!

My day 6 for you
Dress: self stitched
Shirt: H&M

This dress I stitched up last month while my holidays. It is really comfy and paired with a shirt it is also autumn apropriate!

My day 7 outfit:
dress: self-stitched
cardigan: H&M

This is a dress I made from some old men T-Shirts. It is soooo comfy! I love it!
Did nothing special that day, just some sports and spend some time at university in the afternoon.

And now my day 8 outfit:
dress: self-stitched (same as the day before)
scarf: self-stitched
leather jacket: thrifted at ebay

The same dress again :) but this day with a selfmade scarf. It used to be a skirt I had in my stash. I did not really liked the shape anymore, so I refashioned it into a scarf. Because the skirt was kind of A-line the scarf has a somehow weired form, but it has really nice colours!

Hope you had some good days!

Monday, September 5, 2011

SSS Days 3 and 4

Unfortunately as the title hints I do not have a pic of my day2 outfit, but I hope to show it to you some time later! I promise!
But for now: On my third day of SSS I wore this ensemble

dress: handmade
shoes: ecco

Wore this dress to my grandpas birthday. It is dreamingly comfortable knit stuff, but it also has a very wide neckline and I was very aware of this the whole evening... But nonetheless I really like it! It was so hot on the saturday here, so no tights and no cardi was needed!

Day 4 of SSS was sunday, so just a comfy outfit 

shirt: refashioned

We did some barbecue for lunch at my family`s place and then drove home and did some study, so not really spectacular. But for this the outfit was really good, nice and comfy! 

Hope you also had a nice weekend!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Self-Stitched-September: Take off!

So finally September has started! And with this my great SSS challenge!
To begin with this:

'I, Melanie of ‘mellie sews' blog sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-Sept '11. I endeavour to wear at least one self stitched garment each day for the duration of September 2011' 

Further  I will not buy myself any clothes the whole month. This is because on one hand I want to discover what I really need and get aware of what I already have in my stuffed closed and on the other hand I want to save some money for a serger. So I hope to come near this goal by the end of the month!

But now for clothes and self-stitched fashion:
For my first day of Self-Stitched-September I wore this
Dress: Self-Stitched by me
Cardigan: Peek & Cloppenburg bought on sale
Scarf: thrifted
Handbag: thrifted

I went to University today, did some study at home and in the evening my boyfriend and I went to some friends for some Pilaw - Yummy!
Have a nice day and stay tuned for some more outfits of Self-Stitched-September!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ending the challenge....

Sooo, with this I am ending the challenge. I did not really sew up an item for every day.
At least I did some mending in the last days, which I will not show you because I don`t want to bore you to death!
To draw some conclusions, I am happy that my refashioning and mending pile reduced. Furthermore I have some more selfstitched garments that I really like and had planned to sew up for some time!
BUT sewing under time pressure and having to take photos of each and everything was very exhausting! In the past I thought it is good to finish the garments as fast as possible, but for the future I will appreciate the process of creation much more. I think taking some time to finish the clothes makes them more precious.
All in all I can recommend a challenge like this, but you should be aware that it really is a challenge!
Hope you at least liked my little challenge a bit! See you soon with me following Casey`s Sew along and participating in Self Stitched September!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 20 - 24: Mood is low....

Yes it is true the mood for sewing is not there on everyday, especially not when it is really hot and you do not want to move at all! nonetheless I did sew up some things and now I will show you all of them in one post:



This one is a Trenchcoat I bought from ebay. I took in the sides, removed the shoulder plakets, lengthened the arms. And now I think it is okay, not brilliant work, but okay.

This is a skirt of my mum. It was a bit wide for her, so I took it in about one inch on each side. Very easy and very boring. but that were the Things I wanted to get done in this month!

This skirt I bought somewhere on sale, but it was too big and I did not really liked the idea of taking it in and wearing it as a skirt, so I just chopped it off, hemmed the raw edge and now -voila- I have a circle shawl! This way I like the paisley print.

This is the new released Burdastyle shrug, which is really easy to make, it took about one hour from beginning to end! Really nice!

This is a cardigan I had in my stash, but it was really oldfashioned ( and not on the cool vintage way). So I chopped it off to make a bolero from it. Then I shortened the arms. I am not shure whether I like it... Somehow it looks like chopped off, a style I do not really like... But I don`t know any way to change this, Has anyone ideas concerning this?

And this one began his life as to short and very baggy knit pants. Now I have some great pants for my Gym class. I already wore them today!

Sorry for the picture heavy post!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 19: Copycats rule!

This dress is sooo inspired (or maybe somehow copied) from Veronica Darlings great refashion! You just have to check it out! I absolutely loved it since the first time I saw it!
I bought some blue cotton sweatshirt material for this, which really feels great. And than I used Burda Style pattern 109 from 05/2010. I cut out a size 38, but had to make some major adjustments, which might also have occured from the stretchy fabric, not sure.  This was not so bad because the many seams made all adjustments very easy.

I also added the gathering like in Veronicas dress and I have to say it was much easier than I would have thought! I love the outcome, love that it is knit fabric, love that it is blue! just great!!